BRIMM103: Economic Sustainability – February 2021

  • This course closed on 05/23/2021.

The goal of BRIMM103 is to capture the gap between sustainability and financial decision making. Good decisions can be both sustainable and deliver to the economic bottom line, Excellent decision making delivers to all of the triple bottom lines. This course will leave you with the ability to write a sustainable business statement in the mining industry around any decision you make for your company. 

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Define and discuss what shifts sustainability in the mining industry
  • Be able to critically analyze a business decision from a sustainability point of view
  • Define the range of possible outcomes of a capital decision
  • Apply a checklist to any sustainability decision
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Course Instructors

Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Instructor
Benjamin Cox Benjamin Cox Instructor
  • Enrolment in this course closed on 02/23/2021.