BRIMM201: Brownfield Mineral Processing Economics – March 2021

 Prerequisite: BRIMM101

The goal of BRIMM201 is to look at more dept into the economic benefit of conducting plant upgrades. By working through case studies around the main plant economic drivers the course aims to give the participant an appreciation of the main variables, their interaction and how potential changes can affect not only plant profitability but sustainability of the operation.

Discussion will also be held around building a business case (using the plant upgrade checklist as a basis) and covering major areas such as the stakeholders, measurement for justification and verification along with other common barriers to any change.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Gain an understanding of major economic drivers in a plant and their interaction
  • Have an appreciation of how these upgrades can also affect operation sustainability
  • Appreciate who the stakeholders are in any plant upgrade
  • Understand some of the challenges around justification and measurement of plant upgrades
  • Be able to use a checklist to build and present a plant upgrade business case


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Course Instructors

Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Instructor
Benjamin Cox Benjamin Cox Instructor
  • Enrolment in this course closed on 03/30/2021.