BRIMM202: Greenfield Economics – May 2021

The goal of BRIMM202 is to examine the process of how mineral processing plants are designed and how financial and economic considerations interact with this. Building on the understanding of mineral processing plans and their economics built-in BRIMM201 this course will dig more deeply into the process of designing new plants. Special emphasis is how decision-making while juggling technical, financial and sustainability points of view and how this will impact overall plant profitability. Different decisions, trade-offs and their ultimate financial impact will be looked at via financial modelling.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the process involved in taking an ore deposit to an operating plant.
  • Look at trade-offs and decision-making process around plant design.
  • Understand from a financial and sustainability lens how these decisions may impact a process.
  • Appreciate who the stakeholders are during the greenfield project development process.
  • Be able to frame the questions to ask for economic trade-off exercises around flowsheet selection decisions.
  • Gain an understanding of where potential high-risk areas to early mine profitability lie.


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Course Instructors

Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Instructor
Benjamin Cox Benjamin Cox Instructor
  • Enrolment in this course closed on 05/26/2021.