BRIMM203: Real Options vs. NPV: Risk Management in Mining Decision Making – April 2021

Real options and NPV/IRR are all ways to model financial decision-making. This course is going to focus on how to set up and model decisions. We will come at this from a corporate finance perspective and view decisions from other stakeholders while still using financial models. We will model downside, upside, and even exploration business cases. 

After completing this course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Know how to set up a financial or simple real option model
  • Define and discuss real options from a mining perspective
  • Build a word-based narrative of a real-life real option situation
  • Define the range of possible outcomes
  • Discuss various approaches to structuring simple real options
  • Apply real options concepts to real-life scenarios or case studies, and know when to use real options vs. NPV/IRR


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Course Instructors

Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Instructor
Benjamin Cox Benjamin Cox Instructor
  • Enrolment in this course closed on 04/12/2021.