BRIMM204: Modeling Corporate Finance For Mineral Processors and Geologists – June 2021

Course Information

The goal of BRIMM204 is focused on building a financial model for a mine. Data from a NI43-101 for a real project will used to generate this model. Participants will learn how to read and harvest data from a NI43-101 as well as how to build this into a financial model that can be used to make decisions around the project. Exercises in will include building and calculating ratios and metrics discussed during BRIMM102, practicing stress testing the model that is built and looking at optimizing a project from a sustainability lens.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Learning how to mine financial and operating data from a NI43-101 report
  • Participate in a critical review of an NI43-101
  • Gain an understanding of how to build a financial model around a mining project
  • Appreciate stakeholders and their perspectives around the development of a mining project
  • Learn how to stress test a project using a financial model
  • Gain an understanding of important ratios and metrics that mining projects are measured on
  • Review company and NI43-101 with respect to capital structure
  • Understand how ESG considerations impact the NI43-101 and financial model
  • Look at optimizing the financial model from a sustainability viewpoint.


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Course Instructors

Benjamin Cox Benjamin Cox Author
Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Author

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